The biggest best snowman

The Biggest Best Snowman

Every kid dreams of the first snow day of the year. Author Margery Cuyler tells a sweet story of little Nell who lives in a house with her older sisters and mom and is often told that she is too small to help. She meets up with animal friends in the woods who convince her that she isn’t too small to build a snowman. With the help of her friends they build the biggest best snowman ever.

This cute story is about friendship and having confidence to accomplish big things.

Today’s Grab and Go lesson is part of the 12 days of Homeschooling Series. You can find the other lessons here.

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If you don’t have the book, No worries, you can watch the reading of it on YouTube here.

During or After the Story

While reading the story or soon after, ask a questions like:

-How did little Nell feel when her family wouldn’t let her help at home?

-Why did little Nell feel like she couldn’t help the animal friends build a snowman?

-How did little Nell feel when she completed her snowman?

After Reading the Story

After reading the story, have your student retell the story by writing the beginning, middle, and end with this story summary worksheet. Include the characters as well.

Biggest snowman summary


Discuss snowman building. Ask questions like:

-What has to happen first to build a snowman?

-What tools if any, do you need to build a snowman?

Then have your student complete the Snowman Sequence worksheet. Tell them they need to decide what they need to do first, second, next when they are building the snowman. They can do this with drawings or by writing about it.

Snowman sequence worksheet

Use the next story sequence worksheet for your student to practice their reading skills as they put the steps of making a snowman in order.

Let's make a snowman sequence

Have your student practice with antonyms as they find the parts of the snowman and put the words in order.

snowman opposite worksheet

We can’t finish out our lessons without throwing in a little math. This math puzzle will encourage your student to practice counting by fives. Keep the fun going by laminating it and cutting it in strips so that they can practice over and over.

snowman counting

The biggest best snowman

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