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The Critical Thinking Co.™. has done it again! I love their materials. If you haven’t had a chance to browse through their website or pick up any of their resources at a homeschool conference, then you are missing out. Hop to it! I was gifted the Vocabulary Riddles Book 1 in exchange for a review, but shhhh I would have bought it anyway. I have been on a kick lately to expand our children’s vocabulary. You can read about more about how I’m doing that here. This little workbook fits right into what I’m trying to accomplish and does it in a way that my children don’t mind.

Vocabulary Riddles Book 1

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What I like about the book:

1.       It’s no fuss. I can just open it and go.

2.       It is perforated. Before I knew that, I had already planned on tearing out the pages. I took it one step even further and cut the page in half so that I could give one riddle to each my son and daughter to work on.

3.       The riddles are fun, and my children want to decipher their meanings.

4.       The vocabulary used comes from places like the New York Times, The New Yorker and the ACT and SAT vocabulary lists

5.       Each riddle has 4 vocabulary words and the words are sorted by definition, synonym, antonym and part of speech. This is one of the ways research has proven that vocabulary is retained.

 Each Riddle has 6 questions that need to be solved before the riddle can be fully interpreted. The last question forces the student to synthesize the information by deciding which of four sentences closely matches what the riddle is trying to say.

You know, us homeschoolers like to go all in. (Actually that’s not true of me at all {except when I’m highly motivated}- otherwise I’m a “What’s the least amount of work can we get done and still call it homeschool, kind of mom” Ha! I joke. Sort of.

Critical Thinking Co, vocabulary

But I digress…  Since I was already committed to expanding our children’s vocabulary this summer I thought I would throw in some dictionary skills while I was at it. We grabbed my big ol’ college dictionary and a not so intimidating one as well, and they got to work. I quickly realized that looking up words in the dictionary was taking all the fun out of deciphering the riddles for my son. I caved and let him use his iPad to look up definitions. My daughter on the other hand, enjoyed flipping through the pages to find the right word- so of course she is going to be way smart than him with those extra dictionary skills under her belt.

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