Simply Music – Free online piano lessons {Review}

Simply Music is a self study program that can be worked on at home and at your own pace. If you have ever wanted to learn the piano but didn’t want to take expensive lessons, than this program might be the answer you have been looking for.

Madelyn our seven year old has been working her way through the Music & Creativity – Foundation Course from Simply Music. Her two older sisters take traditional lessons with a fantastic piano teacher but we just aren’t sure whether or not Maddie is ready to jump in with regular lessons.  This free course has given us the chance to see if piano was something she was really interested in doing.

What you need to get started:

-A piano or keyboard with at least 61 keys.

-Access to the internet

-Use of an Ipad, computer or phone


Simply Music

Neil Moore is the artist behind the Simply Music program. Through the use of video and drawings he teaches you how to play the piano with real music right from the very start.  From the very beginning you practice proper finger placement and correct hand movements.


Included in the Program:

21 lessons that will get you started with a strong foundation.

3 PDF’s  – a printable PDF for parents that explains the program,  a PDF printable of a keyboard, and a reference PDF that should be used throughout the program that explains the notes that he uses in the lessons.

Soundtracks to all the songs that are learned.

What we thought:

I liked that the lessons were short. Lessons are less than 20 minutes long and some of them are much shorter than that. Neil Moore is engaging and easy to understand. I also liked the format of the lessons. They moved along in a logical pattern. And come on, we can’t miss the fact that it’s a FREE program!

What we didn’t like is that we really struggled to get the program to work efficiently on the Ipad. This made doing the lessons harder than it should have been. In full disclose this may have had nothing to do with the actual Simply Music program but it did make it a challenge. I would have LOVED it had this been an app that we could have downloaded and worked through. I also noticed that even if we were working on the Ipad, it didn’t register our progress when I looked at the website on my computer. So if you are working from two different devices, that may or may not be an issue for you.

Check it out for yourself!

If you have a student that has been itching to learn the piano or keyboard, you have nothing to loose by trying out the Simply Music program. It’s free. And if you find yourself moving through the lessons quickly, they have an enhanced program for just $35.

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