About Me

Thank you for stopping by Schooling With Grace. I’m thrilled you took a minute of your time to do so!  

Let me Introduce Myself

I’m Angela. Our home resides in the Lone Star State. I’m living my dream alongside my witty and handsome husband Steven, our four amazing children, our dog, bunny, 2 hamsters, and some fish. Some days it feels like a zoo, but mostly it’s just home- and I love it. {except for the days, when I don’t~ because you know… I’m human}

We have been homeschooling since the beginning, which would put us going on 11 years now.  In my prior life I was a public school teacher. These days I school a much more rowdy crowd.

Angela Taylor Schooling With Grace

I love Jesus, people, time spent chatting over coffee, any place with books, a good joke, witty personalities, crying over sappy movies, DIY projects, camping, dreaming of country living and quiet moments.


Why this Blog?

I am passionate about homeschooling and encouraging people in their journey with it. It’s a tough road to travel. There are so many ups and downs and sometimes we feel like we aren’t going to make it. We often doubt our calling, our abilities and our children’s futures. We need much grace for the journey, and to be surrounded by people who cheer us on. I want to be part of your cheering section. You can do this!