Monster Punctuation Practice

Monster Punctuation Skill Builder

Do you have a student that is still working on learning punctuation? Or need a refresher? Grab this Monster Skill Builder Activity.  Most English or language Arts programs include a lesson in punctuation but sometimes having a specific lesson to teach punctuation can help solidify understanding. This Monster Punctuation Skill Builder hone reviews: Declarative Sentences …

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Must Have Homeschool Supply List

Homeschool Supply List -Essentials Every Homeschooler Needs

Okay this post might be a bit of an exaggeration, because I actually believe that anyone can homeschool with a pencil and a library card. But what fun is there in that? So I have created this Homeschool Supply List- Essentials Every Homeschooler Needs- Because… sometimes I like people to boss me around and just …

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