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12 Homeschool Rooms to Inspire and Encourage You

Have you ever wanted to peak into other homeschooler’s rooms? I convinced 12 homeschool moms to share the space they homeschool in.  A few of them immediately got to cleaning, A few chose just to be authentic, and a few others really are just that neat and tidy! I love all the variety of the rooms and what it says about our personality and the personality of our families. Mostly I love that these spaces represent the commitment to teaching our children. So take a look around and remember- No judging here!

I love the colors and the natural light that streams into this room. Notice the desk, turned teacher command center. I like that at the end of the day, the doors can be closed and the chaos can be hidden.

This is exactly how two of my children do school too. All of their books must be strewn about on the floor. Who needs a school room when the floor works just fine!

Something about this traditional classroom makes me happy. I love the added comfort of the cushions on the seat. I don’t recall my teachers ever caring enough to make sure my bum was comfy while I did my school work. ha! Each student has their space here with their books at arms reach.

I love the calming colors and LOVE the storage space in this little room that sits right off the main dining room. It’s small and cozy.

Check out that gigantic chalkboard in the back of this room. How fun is that! You can just glance around the room and see all the learning that has taken place here.

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A quick glance will tell you that girls reside in this home. I love the desks where each girl has their own space and the wall containers are very handy.

This mom, kept it real for me when she also included the room in it’s current state. Can I get a witness that this is how most of our multi- purpose rooms actually look on a regular basis. Thank you for the authenticity!

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No school room? No problem.  Schooling happens everywhere in this home. Notice the containers. No homeschool mom can survive without them! And might I just throw in that I love that this teen is doing school on an old typewriter!


This space is amazing. The storage, the shelving, the colors and all the extra space!

Check out that storage locker and that huge map! This space reminds me of my teen daughters school work area. If I were to go snap a picture of it, it would look just like this.

My favorite part of this room are the bookshelves! The fun colors make you want to hang out and read.

When your space is tiny, you utilize it to the fullest. There is a lot of functionality packed into this tiny corner.

Homeschool RoomThis room speaks to me. It’s like Pottery Barn and Joanna Gaines got together and made a baby. You can’t tell it from the picture but the shelving goes across one whole wall from floor to ceiling.  I’m also in love with those framed maps.


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Homeschool Rooms

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