Britfield & The Lost Crown

Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, Britfield & The Lost Crown is a real page turner. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to review this book over the summer so that we could take the time to really enjoy it.

The story of Britfield & The Lost Crown takes place in the United Kingdom. It’s an adventure novel that transports the reader across the UK through the crags of Yorkshire, England and the shores of Dover. There isn’t a moment of suspense wasted throughout the story.

Olivia our resident book reviewer shared her own review about this fantastic novel.

“I thought the book Britfield & the Lost crown was AMAZING! It was filled with excitement and had you on the edge of your seat the whole time. This book is filled with adventures, and every page you find out something new. The whole time I was wondering what would happen to Sarah and Tom. The most surprising thing that happened is when Gower stone and and Speckle was trying to help all along. No one suspected a thing at the orphanage when Speckle was in charge. My favorite scene was at the church when Coldwell was about to shoot Sarah and Tom. When all of a sudden Gowerstone shoots him first and explained everything. My favorite characters are definitely Sarah and Tom. After all Tom is the rightful heir to the the throne and Sarah is Tom’s BEST Friend. But I also admire Dr. Hainsworth for being brave enough to follow two kids who escaped from an orphanage into the unkown. Tom and Sarah have been very lucky to come across very generous people from when Sarah twisted her ankle and met Dr. Hainsworth to when they didn’t have tickets on the train. Than you so much for letting me read this book. I can’t wait for book two!”   ~Olivia (age 11)

Throughout the book you get a great feel for British culture through the historical facts, the people and the places. It made me want to springboard our school year with a unit study on England.  If it wasn’t summer when we were reading it, we would definitely had taken advantage of the Study Guide that goes along with this page turner.

The study guide is an 83 page packet that goes through each chapter with comprehension questions that require you to dig deeper into the story. There are vocabulary words to study and extra things to look up online throughout the study guide.

You also won’t want to miss checking out the Britfield & The Crown Website. It is chalk full of interesting facts and maps about the places that Sarah and Tom find themselves in the story.


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