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HIGASFY Art History Program

I have always wanted to add art education to our homeschool and had yet to find a program that fit our family. But the HiGASFY Art History Video Series has been a fantastic addition to our course load.

I have never been great at art but my love for history is what has led me to love this program. Beth, the host,  is a master storyteller and her love for art and knowledge of the artists, shine through with her engaging stories.  There hasn’t been a single episode yet that didn’t have my children asking for another. Y’all, that is rare! And secretly I have thought about watching them on my own… just for fun.

What is the  HIGASFY art video series about?

Have I Got a Story For You, at first I was confused by the name and thought it was a little… {ahem} forgettable. But as soon as you watch the first video you get it.  Along with Beth the artist and storyteller we are introduced to a cute little paint drop character named Gasfy. Beth and Gasfy keep the videos moving with their conversation and questions.

HIGASFY Art History Video Series is designed for 1st-8th grade students and includes four individual series:  Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionist and Post-Impressionist.

Each video gives you an in depth look at the artist and the style of art that they created. It also gives you fun insights into the artists life at the time along with a bit of background knowledge and even some history thrown in there.

Homeschool Art History

While I personally think the videos are top notch and would be worthy of purchase on their own, there is also included in the program actual art lessons.

In the Impressionist Study you are introduced to three artist: Monet, Pissarro and Degas.  For each Artist there are specific art projects, picture studies, and fun activities to go along with what you are learning about each one.  Each series consist of 16 lessons, 12 of which have corresponding videos.

Art History

For example, with the Monet study, we watched the videos and in lesson 3 there were 2 art options to pick from. The first was to take students outside for plein air sketching or painting.  Or to sketch a funny caricature of your teacher. We try to get outside as much as possible so we chose the first option… which by the way “plein air” means outside, which was a little something we picked up from the video.

Art History

Each lesson plan is more than just information on the artist. It can be used as a complete unit study that incorporates, vocabulary, geography, history, art and more! There is so much information included that it would be hard to get through it all if you weren’t using it as a unit study.

Art History

 Final Thoughts:

This might be one of my favorite reviews yet. But I do think it might be worth noting that this isn’t a curriculum that teaches you how to DO art. There are lots of art opportunities but there is no step by step guide to creating art. You learn about art and then it’s all up to you to create your own masterpiece.

We didn’t use everything this program has to offer, because there was just so much to choose from, but we certainly did enjoy the videos and the time we took to create our art projects. Even after our subscription is up, I think we will purchase another series for the Spring semester.

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