Meet the 46th President a Unit Study


Introduce your student to the 46th President. This Presidential Unit study will introduce your student to the Executive Branch with fun and engaging facts and worksheets.


Meet Joe Biden

Introduce your Students to our 46th President with this Unit Study.  This Study focuses on the Executive Branch by explaining: 


-Who are the Members of the Executive Branch

-What is the President’s Job?

-What are the Requirements for being President?

-An explanation of the Presidents Cabinet

-And Interesting Facts about the office of the President.

Executive Branch Explanation

Your student will then be introduced to our 46th President- Joe Biden. 

– A Time line of his life from birth to present

-Interesting Facts about his life

Joe Biden Timeline

The President’s Cabinet 

Included in this unit is Joe Biden’s 25 appointed Cabinet members. Each of them on a card that can be cut out and placed on a ring for easy reference. Each card includes their title and job description.

The president's cabinet


Student Worksheets

Using the information provided in this unit there are three worksheets included that will help your student work through their understanding of Executive Branch.

What I learned about the President is perfect for those younger grades

True or False Presidential Facts as well as the Cabinet fill in the blank Worksheet are great for 4th-6th graders.

President Worksheets


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