The heart changer

The Heart Changer – A Historical Fiction Novel

The Heart Changer is the debut book from author  Jarm Del Boccio. 

We had the privilege to obtain a copy of it for review. My middle daughter who is definitely our voracious reader grabbed it up quickly and asked to be the first to read it.

The Heart Changer is historical fiction set in biblical times. The story follows Miriam, a young refugee slave girl living in a foreign land forced to serve the wife of Naaman who is the commander of the Syrian Army. This story is based upon II Kings 5 in the Bible. Jarm Del Boccio does a fantastic job drawing you into the story from the start. It’s easy to imagine the emotions that Miriam (the name given to the slave girl) might have experienced as she is torn away from everything that she has ever known and forced to serve someone that is responsible for the terrible deeds done to her and her family. Throughout the story you see Miriam’s faith and obedience to God as she learns to trust him through the trials.

Here is what our daughter Olivia thought about it:

The heart changer

“I enjoyed this book because if you’re faith is ever running out you can just look back on what Miriam had to go through, and she never gave up hope and faith. And it’s true we don’t know what God has in store for us. but what we do know is we have a merciful and forgiving God, who is there with us every step of the way like he was with Miriam. Even though she lost faith a couple of times God was still with her. How Miriam got taken away from her family and village, God used her in other peoples life to share God’s word. Even though it was hard for her to leave everything she had ever known, she made the best of it.  Miriam had befriended her mistress and had been kind to Rana and made friends.  But most importantly she shared what her God did and led them to believe. Thank you for letting me read this book, it was a real page turner and has taught me to have faith even in the toughest of times. ”

The heart changer


The book can be purchased either in paperback or in digital form. It also comes with a teacher’s guide that would be great to go through if you were doing this in your homeschool or a small group book study. It even includes a few Syrian recipes!

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