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10 Somewhat Snarky but Real Reasons to Join a Homeschool Co-op

We have been part of a homeschool co-op in some form from the beginning. If you are on the fence about joining one, maybe this post is just what you need. Read through these 10 somewhat snarky but real reasons to join a homeschool co-op, and see if any of these apply to you.

Homeschool Co-ops

10 Snarky but Real Reasons to Join a Homeschool Co-op


1.       Yes, Yes, Yes. I get it. You’re smart. You graduated at the top of your class in rocket science (or something of that nature) I too have a B.A. in “no one cares anymore.” The beauty of placing your children in classes someone else is teaching is that they may actually be taught by another adult who gets to use that degree in nursing to teach microbiology.  There are just some subjects that my degree or lack thereof isn’t going to cover sufficiently with the passion that someone else might.

2.       Maybe all your children are borderline geniuses, and super duper intuitive of your explanation of quantum physics. But if they are  just beautifully average children {like mine} you may have to explain it to them a few times, or a few thousand. If they still don’t get it maybe it’s you. And if that’s the case, instead of pulling your hair out or allowing it to go all “in vogue” gray- maybe a co-op class is for you. Sometimes our kids just need to hear it from someone else.

3.       Show of hands. How many of you have actually completed any, all, or even some of those Pinterest  arts and craft projects you have pinned? You know all those cutesy fall or Christmas handprint trees or homemade play dough? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else that LOVES crafts would just play with your kids for a while? 

4.       Despite what the world says you really can’t have it all or do it all. There are So. Many. Things. I want to teach my kiddos but so little time. Let’s not discount the energy I lack to re-create a re-enactment of the revolutionary war.  But that can totally happen in a co-op class.

5.       Forget about Un- socialized homeschoolers! What about Un-socialized Moms?? I ranted lots more about that here, but It can get lonely day after day with no other adults to talk to. Who else can I complain to about long division and how my 8th grader still struggles with MULTIPLICATION! { sorry, did I yell that? I’m just a little frazzled over that one}  Other parents just don’t get it. We have the opportunity to be around other parents who are in the same trenches as us and it gives us the chance to encourage and minister to one another. 

6.       Okay lean in close for number 6… Sometimes you join a homeschool co-op because you just need a break! Now hanging with a bazillion other kids may not be your idea of a break, but I call anytime I’m not fighting over math or convincing my kindergartner that she has to wear underwear a break. And if you play your cards just right… you could get one of those fancy jobs as a hall monitor. Then it’s nothing but freedom from there my friend.

7.       You need to know that your kids are normal. Or at least as normal as homeschoolers get. These are your people. Look around, you can always take comfort that there will be weirder kids than yours. And that is the beauty of homeschooling- no one has to conform.

8.       Oh, about that conforming thing. I lied just a little. There is a place to conform, and your children need to know how to function in society. They need their peers and maybe other adults to let them know that nose picking is not a socially acceptable practice here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. ( if it is in your neck of the woods, I apologize… sort of)  They also need to know that they can’t live in their pj’s and that time is an important concept.  And while we are at it, being part of a co-op offers them the opportunity to have to conform to rules and different authority figures that they wouldn’t get at home. And that’s just good practice for real life. 

9.       Your kids need friends! Sibling relationships are important, we can all agree on that. But they also need to be around kids of all ages and have the opportunity to interact and be exposed to varying opinions and ideas. No-one grows without a little adversity. This might be the very reason you chose to homeschool but being in a homeschool co-op offers your child the ability to experience this in a “safe” environment and then you have opportunities to talk with them about it.

10.   You can give up your Chauffer’s license. If you participate in a co-op program that offers sports, music or dance then that is time that doesn’t have to be taken away from family time in the evening. It’s a one stop shop. 

I will admit, co-ops aren’t for everyone. Check out this Post on 10 Reasons you should NOT join a Homeschool Co-op.  But if any of these reasons resonated with you, go ahead and take the plunge, what have you got to loose?

If you are part of a co-op, what were your reasons for joining? 

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Joining a homeschool coop

3 thoughts on “10 Somewhat Snarky but Real Reasons to Join a Homeschool Co-op”

  1. This is so funny! And so true!! Especially the hall monitor one. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get refreshed. That’s also how you know you’re a homeschool mom who needs a break…when the hall monitor position is the first and last thing on your list.

  2. I read both posts and I honestly agree with them all! I’ve been part of co-ops for the last 8 years and it’s not a cake walk. I gave up on some and almost gave up again this year to take a break. At his point it’s all for my kids, and I just have to sacrifice my rebellious ways one day a week ??

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