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The Best Resources for Teaching Reading

If you are teaching your child to read, you know that patience like Job is a requirement. There is nothing more trying than to spend 10 minutes teaching the sound that “m” makes, only to hear your child say “rrrr” when you show them the letter “m” {face Palm}

This is the fourth round of teaching one of our children to read, and this one has been the most challenging. She has made me pull out all my teacher tricks and then some. But in the end I realized that the simpler the approach I used the more effective our time was. Before I simplified our approach I think she was overwhelmed and by the time we were done with our school time, we were both frustrated and I had nothing left to give my other children.

If you are interested in our routine you can check it out in this post. 

Beyond our routine I wanted to share some of the books I use and the fun extras I do to go along with the concepts that are important to learn at this age.

Reading Resources:

Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Teaching Reading


Y’all if you have a child that is struggling to read, or having a hard time with sounds and basic phonics, then I highly recommend this book. If you were ever an elementary teacher, that taught high risk students, the book’s format is similar to the Reading Mastery program. Every time I sit down to do a lesson with Maddie, I’m thankful again for this $15.00 book.

Raising Readers Curriculum

If you have a student who is still learning their Letters and Sounds or is ready to begin reading, this curriculum is a great place to start. It is filled with hands on fun activities that get students moving and make learning letters and sounds fun!

How to teach Reading

Teaching Phonemic Awareness

All About Reading –

Teaching Reading, All About Reading, Struggling Readers

We began this program but realized Maddie wasn’t ready for it. Once we finish 100 Easy Lessons, we will go back to this program. I love it. I love the tactile approach, the stories, the worksheets… If you have a student that isn’t struggling so much, then this is the program I would go with.

Homeschool Navigator

Homeschool Navigator

I had the chance to review this program last year and I was really impressed with it. This takes more of a whole language approach to reading. We have incorporated several parts of this program this year. I really love the living book approach this program uses.

Bob Books

If you don’t know about Bob books, you are missing out! These little books are fantastic confidence boosters. I have used them with each of our children. What I love about these little books is that the words in each level follow along with just about every beginning reading program, so they are a great supplement to go with whatever you are currently using.

Rhyming Games

We love this rhyming card game. Okay, I love it! Rhyming is an important concept to understand. It’s actually something Maddie has always been really good at, but she is challenged by this matching game.

Teaching Reading with Matching Rhymes

I also have a whole Rhyming Unit in my store to help master this essential concept!

Nursery Rhyme Activities

Reading Eggs-

I have talked a lot about this online reading program lately, because after trying so many, it is the only one that has really worked for us. We love it. Madelyn loves that there is a map that she moves her avatar around on and that she earns eggs by completing the lesson.  I love that each lesson focuses on just a couple concepts and that those concepts are reinforced throughout. I did a review on this product a few months ago, you can read about it here. This is the only program I have reviewed that I will pay to continue to use it. You can check it out for a free trial here. 

Reading Eggs

Do you have anything that you would add to this list? 

Grab this Beginning Sound Puzzle Freebie Here!


Beginning Sound Puzzles



Teaching Reading, Reading, Struggling Reader, Reading resources, How to teach reading


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