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Games That Help Teach Spelling

If you have a child that thinks school is no fun no matter what you do, I can sympathize with you.  While I often do feel like the ringleader of a three ring circus, I don’t believe it’s my job to keep my children entertained every waking moment of our school day. Having said that, I do try and throw in a few games throughout the week to help keep things interesting. Lately spelling has been our nemesis so it’s also been our focus. It’s a good thing I have collected several games to help teach spelling over the years.

Games that Help Teach Spelling


What’s Gnu? 

We have been loving playing What’s Gnu? It’s a fast paced game that has two levels of difficulty. The game has two levels of difficulty with three letter words on one side and 4 on the other side.

The goal is to fill your cards with real words before your opponent. This game is great for getting to practice some of the spelling rules that we have been working on. It’s also perfect for working with long and short vowel sounds.

Games that Teach Spelling

Boggle Jr

Boggle Jr is a good game if you want to practice spelling.  The game has cards that have words on the bottom. You can play the three letter word side or the 4 letter word side. The goal is to match the letters on the die with the letters on the card. The game can be made more difficult by covering up the letters on the card and figuring out the spelling first and then matching it to the card.

It would have been much more fun to play with another kid so that there was more competition.  But since we were playing together, and it seemed silly to pretend that I didn’t know the words we improvised. I tried to make it more fun by timing how many cards she could get in 2 minutes.  While this is a great game for my daughter to practice beginning spelling, it isn’t nearly as fun as the regular Boggle game.

Spelling Games

Scrabble Jr

Well who doesn’t like Scrabble? This game is fun because it can be played two ways. The traditional way on one side and the other side can be used to teach and practice spelling at the same time.

The game is fun to play because all the letters are visible to every player.  This allows for some friendly competition as they work out different strategies to win the game.

Spelling Games


There are so many fun spelling games out on the market today that are great to do alongside whatever spelling program you are using. If you are not currently using a spelling program then any of these games would be great to encourage a natural love for words and open up conversation about spelling rules.

Here are a few others that we have played and enjoyed at one time or another, as well as ones that I plan to look out for.

What games do you play to add a little fun to your school day? 


Spelling games

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