Are you homeschooling with integrity?

 Are you homeschooling with Integrity?

Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful  1 Cor 4:2

Regardless of your homeschooling method, we have all been entrusted to educate our children so that they can grow up and “adult” to the best of their abilities. I can’t think of anything more terrifying for a homeschool parent than to think that the years that they have poured into homeschooling their children may not be enough.

Are you homeschooling with Integrity?

Almost every single homeschooling friend that I have has shared this fear. We may all sound confident in front of our non-homeschooling friends, we may spout off statistics about how great homeschoolers do in college and how many go off to be successful entrepreneurs and world changers, but inside, we wonder… will that be my son, my daughter? Have I done enough to get them where they need to go?

Every single May, as we begin to close out our homeschool year I ask myself this very question. I have never once said yes. Not once. It’s not because I don’t think that we work hard throughout the year, it’s because I know that there were many days we could have done more. Days, where I was tired, I was busy, too many errands, too many commitments, too much whining about math, reading, science, etc. So I just gave up.

Those are the days that I think about when I’m asking myself “Have I done enough?”

The truth is, I will never be able to do enough, there will always be days that don’t work out the way I planned, and I have to give myself grace for those days. The question of educational fidelity comes when I let other things in my life take the priority of the one thing that the Lord has called me to.

If you struggle with having integrity in your homeschooling like I sometimes do, here are a few reminders to help you get back on track.

1. Homeschooling is your job.

Treat it as such. When I worked full time, I had a start time and an end time. I was focused on the task at hand during the hours that I worked, it had my full attention. Our children deserve the same.

homeschooling using sentence strips

2. Your children are your priority above all other commitments.

The Lord has given these children to you. If you have chosen to take on the responsibility to educate them, then do it with all your heart. Before you say yes to something during the hours of your schooling, consider the cost. Will it put you behind? Will it cause you unnecessary stress trying to rush to get through school in time, Will it be hard to get your children back on task later?

3. Set Boundaries.

Honestly, I’m not great at keeping schedules, instead I have guidelines. I have stay at home days, I won’t make appointments or schedule commitments on these days if it can be helped, We try and start school by 9:00 and finish when we get through the day’s work. This places boundaries in my life that helps me have educational integrity with my children. When you have set boundaries for yourself, it’s easier to say no to outside commitments. Others will respect your time when you say that you school Monday-Thursday but are available Friday afternoons or whatever time you have set aside for errands and appointments.

Do you need some help with boundaries and managing your household? Check out this post.

4. Be your best.

I don’t know about you, but I am not a very cheerful mom when I haven’t had enough sleep or I haven’t been taking care of myself. Whatever you need to do or not do, in order to be the best version of yourself when your with your children {and husband for that matter) do it. It’s hard to have patience when teaching long division when you stayed up too late and only had enough coffee for one cup. {not speaking from experience…ahem}

One of the greatest things that homeschooling allows for is flexibility. We don’t have to live by a set of school rules and your homeschooling doesn’t have to look like mine or mine like yours. Maybe you only school in the evenings, or only do school a few times a week.

Homeschooling with integrity isn’t about what hours you put into it, or how many days you schooled, it isn’t about feeling like we haven’t done enough- it’s asking the question, have you done your best? Were you faithful with the hours and days you were given? Were you faithful to school your children to the best of your ability? If you can answer yes, then you can trust that God will fill in the rest. You don’t have to wonder if you did enough, you did your best and God will honor that. If you can’t honestly answer yes, then spend some time reflecting on how you can work towards being more faithful in your school time, then do it.

I would love to keep the discussion going by hearing from you about your biggest challenges in homeschooling with integrity and keeping school as a priority  Or maybe if this is something you do well, how do you keep those boundaries?

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Do you have educational fidelity in your homeschool?


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