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Learning Dynamics Reading Program {Review}

Madelyn our 7 year old has been working through the Learning Dynamics Reading program by Learning Dynamics. In the short time that we have been using this program she has gained more confidence in her reading and her fluency has really picked up.

I have shared both here and on my Facebook page over the last year, that we have really struggled with her reading. I am finally starting to see some real progress that has given me hope and has just encouraged this mama’s heart. It’s so hard to see your child struggle with something, especially when they are trying so hard!

What is the Learning Dynamics Reading Program? 

The Learning Dynamics Reading Program is a complete program to teach your child to read.  The program promises to get your child to read in as little as 4 weeks with a 98% success rate.

learning dynamics

The Learning Dynamics Program includes:

-A lesson Manuel

-50 Full Color Books

-CD with songs for each letter of the alphabet

-Activity Book



The whole set is reusable with the exception of the student workbook that can be purchased separately,  if you want to use it with another student.

 The Nitty Gritty of it:

The way the program works is that you work your way through each letter of the alphabet in a specific order, doing three letters a week. The entire program only takes a few months to complete and students should be reading their first book in just 3 weeks on average.

There is an alphabet song that is included and should be listened to and sung at the beginning of each lesson.

Each letter is introduced with a flash card. Each letter also has a popout animal character that goes along with it. This character can be used to help remind your child of the letter sound.

With each letter there is a story that is told that focuses on the letter sound. – We had fun with this aspect of the program. I would tell Maddie to listen to the story very closely and when she hears a word that begins with that sound, raise up the character card.

After the story has been introduced, there is a song to go with each letter of the alphabet. – Maddie felt the songs were a little “kiddish” but she listened to them anyway.

Worksheets are also included to further solidify the learning.

learning dynamics

Around lesson 32 the readers are introduced, and then from there the different vowel sounds and word blends.

How we used the program:

Madelyn has moved past most of the letter sounds. We did a review of each letter and then we spent the first week focusing on the ones that she had trouble with, before we moved on to other parts of the program, starting with the vowel sounds.

Learning Dynamics

I really like the ease of this system. The lesson manual is simple and easy to use. The lessons themselves are short enough to keep student’s attention while at the same time giving them exactly what they need to learn the concept.

The flashcards that we used throughout the program are bright and cheerful. I like that there are large alphabet cards with pictures and smaller alphabet cards that have both the upper case letter on one side and the lowercase on the other side. Maddie liked that she could hold them and put them in order.

The readers build upon each other with the concepts that they are learning in the lesson. I like how they start off so simple with just a word to a page and they slowly build up confidence in the student to where they feel like they are actually reading. – We haven’t made it through the whole program yet but I have loved seeing Maddie get excited about being able to read. I keep the readers out all the time so that they are accessible to her. I have found that she will sit down and practice reading if they are kept available to her.

Learning Dynamics

What I thought of it:

I think the beauty of this program is in it’s simplicity. It doesn’t take a certified teacher to figure it out. It’s the perfect program for those at the beginning of their homeschooling journey as well as those that just want to give their students a head start with reading. The program is set to work with just 15 minutes a day 3x a week. This might be my favorite part of the program, it’s quick and simple.

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