Little house on the prairie

Study Guides for Literature {Progeny Press Review}

Is any homeschooling complete without good literature? I’m going to be honest, we have done a poor job over the course of the last year with our read aloud time. It has been getting pushed aside by all the “have to’s”. I was determined to do better this year so I made a reading list to help keep us motivated! Progeny Press has literature study guides to go along with two of the books on our list (Little house on the Prairie and Shadow Spinner) so we had some fun working through those as we read.

You can find the Little House on the Prairie Study Guide and the Shadow Spinner Study Guide by clicking on the link.

I love historical fiction, {maybe I have shared that a few hundred times} I have forced my children to endure all the Little House books, but our youngest is just being introduced to them for the first time. I have to say, it makes me a little giddy. I even have the series on DVD!

Little house on the prairie

The Little House on the Prairie Guide from Progeny Press is a 67-page study guide that is meant to be used with students in grade 4-6. We used it together as a family, because most of them didn’t want to be left out of all the fun activities!

progeny press literature guide

The guide is meant to be used as one section per week. Each section contains five to six chapters. Each section contains vocabulary activities, general guiding questions, “Think About the Story Questions” “Dig Deeper” questions and “Optional Projects and Activities”

little house

There are so many activities that you can do with the Little House Series, but we only did a handful because although you could use this as a cross-curricular unit study, we were just using it as our literature time.  But we couldn’t miss making cornbread!

Progeny Press

We did most of our questions together but because we had an electronic pdf version of the guide they occasionally answered them on the computer. I really like how I could assign a chapters worth of work for them to work on right on the pdf. This only works if you need one student to answer the questions. Otherwise you could print it out for each student.

progeny press literature guides

We didn’t do the essays included in the unit but I looked them over so that I could come back to them if I decided that we wanted more written work to be done on the book. I like how they really dug into some major themes in the book. It gave me ideas of things to discuss as we were reading. 
progeny press

The Shadow Spinner Study Guide

Shadow Spinner

The Shadow Spinner is the next book on our reading list. This is a new title for me. I was interested in reading this story with our children after reading the books summary.

Stories like the Shadow Spinner allow for great discussion but I had been warned that maybe this was a book that our youngest wasn’t ready for, so I will be reading it with my 6th grader. I’m excited to delve into the themes and storyline of this book.

The Study guide is set up very much like the Little House on the Prairie Study Guide, where you have pre-reading activities, chapter activities with vocabulary and comprehension questions as well as optional activities.

Shadow Spinner


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Study Guides for Literature {Progeny Press Reviews}
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