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Matific Galaxy- An Online Math Game { Review}

Matific Galaxay is a fun online math program that teaches and reinforces math concepts in a fun and engaging way. It is designed specifically for Kindergarten through sixth grade students. Our daughter Maddie has been having a blast learning and reviewing number operations, addition and subtraction, ordering, time, geometry and so much more as she blasts her way through the Matific Galaxay.

I love educational online programs. If our kids want to sit in front of a screen playing video games, why not make them learn something while they are at it! This program works much like any other traditional video game, where you work to achieve the next level and earn “points” or coins along with trophies for doing so. After the first session Maddie  logged into, she was hooked on this program.

She loved that with each game she moved through she collected Pixels to help put the aliens back together. Once an alien has gained all their pixels she could move up to the next level.  Students move through the levels in a very sequential way.


I chose to have Maddie work through the first grade level to help her build her confidence and work through some areas that she still needs extra help in. She will be headed into second grade next year but isn’t quite ready for typical second grade math curriculum. Matific Galaxay allows you to chose a single grade level or pay for all the levels so that your child can move up and down as needed.

Program Set Up:

Each student gets their own login info and you as the parent have the ability to set the learning goal for each week. The program recommends at lest 45 minutes of play a week.

Parents also have their own login information that they can use to  keep track of their students progress and even have the ability to see which specific learning objectives they need to work on more.

An extra fun bonus in the parent zone is that you have the ability to send your student fun motivational messages.


The Lessons:

The lessons are bright and engaging. They are simple enough to do without much if any parental support and each lesson builds on the previous skills.

I actually learned an important skill that my daughter was lacking as I was watching her play this game. Until this point I had never realized that although she can add with relative ease she is unable to identify the number for the answer without starting at number one and counting up. I’m not sure how we missed that she was doing this. But I’m thankful that the program helped  me identify this and we can now work on it.

Matific Galaxy

We used this online math game on her iPad, which allowed for easy mobility and quick access whenever I wanted her to jump on and play for a little while.

I recommend:

If you have a student who is a little behind or you are wanting to keep their skills up over the summer I think this program is the perfect no stress program that will allow them to keep learning but not feel like they are doing school work.

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