Raising Readers Letters and Sounds

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The first unit in the Raising Readers curriculum will help students begin a strong foundation in reading with 68 pages of Lesson plans, worksheets, activities, games and learning mats, that focus on letters and sounds.

How to teach Reading

Raising Readers Letter and Sounds in the first unit in the Raising Readers Curriculum.

Raising Readers Unit 1

Identifying letters and sounds is the first step for future reading success. Taking time to ensure that your student can identify each letter and sound without help or hesitation will give them a strong foundation

The activities in this unit are meant to be fun, no pressure activities. Students at this level shouldn’t feel like they are doing “school.”  The alphabet can and should be taught both organically and intentionally.

ABC Letter Activities

It’s not enough for your student to be able to recite the alphabet, they also need to be able to identify the letters in and out of context as well as out of sequence.

ABC Go Fish

The first unit in this series will help them do that with 68 pages of Lesson plans, worksheets, activities, games and learning mats.

7 reviews for Raising Readers Letters and Sounds

  1. Jessica

    I am loving this product! It is so easy to use especially since most of it I just have to print and no other prep work. A few things do have to be cut out but that just took a few minutes. I love how the plans tell me what I need and when I need them. I have been using it with my kid who has special needs and I have been able to easily adapt the plans to fit his needs.

    • Motheringwithgrace (verified owner)

      Fantastic! I am so glad to hear that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Charissa Reed (verified owner)

    This is a fun way to teach the letters in a fun way without alot of worksheets.

  3. Charissa Reed (verified owner)

    This is a fun product with fun ways to teach the alphabet without lots of worksheets.

  4. Valencia (verified owner)

    I Love the combination of activities that kept my littles excited about what was next. We still play the games together, and they are improving by leaps and bounds in their reading abilities. Thank you so much for creating this amazing No stress, easy prep curriculum.

  5. Anusha (verified owner)

    it’s been a a great tool in helping us learn the alphabetand and their sounds. love that the fonts are so clear and pictures too. lesson plans give one clear guidance how to go forward too in a fun way

  6. Kelly Hansford

    Absolutely fantastic! Everything is very well put together! Super easy to use, easy to follow, and easy to understand! The activities are fun! I definitely recommend!!!!!

  7. Melanie Newbery (verified owner)

    Wonderful resource! Bright engaging pictures, all the hard work has been done for you. Easy to use. Highly recommend.

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