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The Holidays are over. Now what? Getting back into a School Routine

Getting back into a school routine after the holidays is the hardest thing to do! I know it’s not just me, because half of the homeschoolers I know are still spending way too much time on Facebook and Pinterest to be doing any actual schooling. Yep, I see you, because I’m avoiding returning too.  It’s just so hard to get back into the swing of things after taking time off.

We are all in a state of resistance at our house, but since I’m the grown up and legally responsible for making sure they are educated and productive citizens, I do all my whining inside {and to the few girlfriends of mine that are willing to put up with it.}

Maybe you are actually chomping at the bit to get back to a normal school schedule, but it’s the kids who are resisting. Either way it has to get done, right? So how do we mentally move ourselves and our children from the state of dread (or in my oldest daughters case … the state of “bed”) into excitement over the new year? 

Homeschool Routine

Set New Goals

Sit down with your planner and all the things that got you excited about the beginning of the school year and make some new goals. Are there any unit studies you wanted to get to? Any chapter books that you wanted to read or field trips you wanted to take? Was there anything left undone before the holidays? If it’s not important- skip it, let it go, this is a new year! Think about each of your children and write down new goals for what you hope to accomplish with each one of them this semester. Doing this will get you excited about the school year and jumpstart a new school routine.

Get the kids involved

Get them excited about doing something new. Is there a hobby they wanted to learn? My son has been asking to learn whittling. But I’m terrified to let him loose with a knife and a piece of wood. I finally resolved to throw caution into the wind and let him try it.  Pray for us, blood makes me a little squeamish.

Is there anything they want to study this semester? Even if it deviates from your curriculum a little, try and fit it in.  Children learn more (and so do we, for that matter) when it’s a subject we are interested in. It could be as simple as a few videos from the library, or a trip to a museum. Maybe you can take a week off from your regular schedule, every so often, to dive into a subject that interest them.

Two of my girls are planners. They love to day dream about their schedule. Every day I’m asked “What are we doing today? What are we doing tomorrow? What are we doing this weekend?” Every. Single. Day I’m asked these questions. I have resolved to get them their own planner so they can write it all down. Until then I have this handy worksheet I created to help me, {ahem} I mean them. 

Get Cleaning!

Yes, that’s right I said clean. {I might have sighed, just writing that} But the fact is, we all work better when our space is clean of clutter. After weeks of not using our school room for school, it  looks like a bomb went off in it. (see the below picture) Our five year old is a master builder. She will take anything you want to throw away and find a way to construct something with it. I have given up trying to reign her in, and figure that we might have future engineer on our hand… or trash hoarder, I guess. Either way, it’s a loosing battle.

Homeschool School Room I also realize that I opened myself up to some real judgement by posting this picture. But because I know half my friends have this same real struggle, I only risk loosing 50% of you. In an effort to be transparent I’m taking my chances.

Set out New Supplies

I know you bought a dozen boxes of crayons and six dozen boxes of pencils at all the back to school sales, and this summer you will buy just as many. Go through all your containers and boxes and throw them away. Yes, every broken crayon and half used pencil. Toss them. Even the ones that still have use to them. If you don’t have the heart to throw away perfectly good school supplies, put them in a bag and donate them to church, scouts or your doctor’s office waiting room. Set out new fresh supplies. New year, new start.

If you are looking for more helpful hints, check out my post on How to Homeschool and Manage your Household. 

I’m praying for big things in our homeschool and life this year. May you be blessed in your schooling as we start a new year.

What are you doing to get or stay motivated this year? 


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    1. Motheringwithgrace

      Haha, My kids get very excited about all the sharp points on new pencils and crayons so its never hard to get them to agree at my house.

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