The Little Drummer Boy

The Little Drummer Boy

I love the story of The Little Drummer Boy. It makes me feel all Christmasy inside and it’s one of my favorite songs to listen to during the Christmas season.  I love this version from Pentatonix. Oh and definitely this one from for King and Country.

The song The Little Drummer boy has a fascinating history, in that it has morphed multiple times before it became the song that we know it to be today.

A Quick History:

It was originally a Czech lullaby by Miss Jakubickova. It wasn’t until later that English words were added by Percy Dearmer in 1918 for the official Oxford Book of Carols. The carol no longer sounds like the original because in 1941, it was changed significantly by Katherine Kennicott Davis who originally wrote the song for her girls choir. Not longer after her rendition it caught the attention of the Austrian Trapp Family who recorded it with their own arrangement in 1955. The song morphed a few more times by Jack Halloran Singers and then  Harry Simeone Chorale before it became the song that we know it to be today.

The Little Drummer Boy

If you don’t already have your own book in your story collection you can listen to the two I have included below the first is the classic story and the second is more recent.

I love this one as well.

You can grab your own book here:


I have included The Little Drummer Boy as part of my 12 Days of Grab and Go Holiday Lessons, you can check out the rest of them here. 12 Days of Holiday Lessons

The Little Drummer Boy

Choose one of the two books to fill out the story map with. If you want to spend more time on discussion then you may need to consider using the longer of the two books.

little drummer boy story map

The little drummer boy is about a boy who is too poor to bring a gift to the newborn king. Have your student consider what talents or gifts they have that can be brought to a king. This king can be the newborn Jesus that the song refers to, or it can be a gift for a king.

Little Drummer boy writing sheet

Encourage your student to practice reading by reading through the lyrics of the Little Drummer Boy. The repetition should make it easy and then feel free to use it to sing along.

Little Drummer Boy Lyrics

After reading through the lyrics, use them to point out the nouns and verbs and then fill out the worksheet below.

little drummer boy noun and verb worksheet

If you have a student that likes to draw, have them illustrate the story through this picture story map. Start at the beginning and in story sequence draw the parts of the story.

little drummer boy drawing map

Finish off the story with a fun word search using the words from the story.

Little Drummer Boy word search


Grab your printables here:

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