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The Reading Kingdom {Review}

Reading Kingdom
For the last couple of months Maddie has been using Reading Kingdom to supplement her language arts time. I have shared on my Facebook page how she is still struggling with letter and sound recognition, and how this has put a halt on our learning to read this year. I was excited to see how Reading Kingdom would help her.

What is Reading Kingdom?

Reading Kingdom is an online program designed for kids ages 4-10.  It works with children who are not yet reading to those that just need some extra support and also to advance those that are already doing well.  Before beginning the program your child is evaluated to decide which level will be most appropriate for them to begin.  Each lesson is about 15 minutes long and it is suggested that your student log in at least 4 times a week to be most effective.

Reading Kingdom was developed by Dr. Marion Blank who is a world renowned expert on literacy. The program uses a 6 skill model of reading instruction that incorporates elements of phonics and whole language. Reading Kingdom takes on a unique way of teaching children to read by focusing on teaching sight words and words that can not sounded out in the English language. There are over 600 rules in the English Language! The Reading Kingdom uses a 6 skill model of reading instruction to teach reading without the complicated rules.

The Reading Kingdom offers a detailed and very informative PDF that explains why each of these 6 skills are essential to teaching reading and how the program uses them effectively. You can find that information out here. 

Our Lessons:

The Evaluation: The first lesson was the evaluation. Parents are told not to help, so that the program can get an honest evaluation of the students skills. This was HARD. Maddie struggled through it and didn’t understand most of what they were asking her to do.

The first lesson: I’m not going to lie, I immediately felt that this program wasn’t going to work for us. The lesson was having her match letters on the screen with the keyboard and she really struggled through this since she couldn’t identify all her letters and that made finding them more difficult.

Subsequent lessons: While each lesson proved a challenge for her I began to see slow progress. She soon began to match her letters more quickly, she was able to identify many sight words and even spell some of them. She can read several 3 word sentences with those sight words. She also learned where the letters where on the keyboard.

Reading Kingdom

My Thoughts:

I am straying down two paths of thought with this program. For my own daughter I’m not yet convinced of the effectiveness of this program {for her} because progress has been so slow, and I haven’t had the opportunity to see how it works with the other levels. But because she is still only in Kindergarten I’m going to hold off being concerned at her progress with reading and letter identification at this point. It is definitely something we will continue to work on throughout the summer, and I will continue to use this program to reinforce and work on those skills.

Reading Kingdom

On the other hand, I’m extremely impressed with the specific lessons and what they are trying to accomplish. As a former PS teacher I was able to immediately pick out the wisdom in how the program is set up and how the skills are continually reinforced. I was especially impressed that it has the foresight to make sure that students really know the material and are not just memorizing. This is done throughout the lesson in multiple ways by having students repeat, spell, choose the correct picture, type the word, etc.

What My Daughter Thought:

She doesn’t love it. It’s hard for her, and who likes to do hard things?

Why I think You should try it:

I think this program would be great for any student needing or wanting some extra reading practice, but I think it would be especially helpful for any student who is struggling to read. While we haven’t had much success I know it’s because of our lack of beginning letter sounds and identification. A student who has this skill but is still struggling would find this program to be extremely helpful in increasing their reading literacy. I have recommended Reading Kingdom to every parent who has mentioned that they have a child struggling to read. Reading Kingdom also has a program for students on the autism spectrum called ASD Reading that would be worth checking out if you have a student with autism.

Reading Kingdom

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