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Thinkwell Online Math Program {Review}

Math makes me want to hide in a closet and eat a tub of ice-cream. All through my school-age years I had a love/hate relationship with math. That’s a lie, there was no love. None. Zilch. So of course now that I’m actually responsible for my children having to know math… I have become an excellent liar. Math is great. Math is fun. Math is soooo important….. You’re going to die, if you don’t learn math. But because I am determined for my kids to far outsmart me in the subject,  I have to rely on other sources to do the real work.  Thinkwell‘s 6th to 8th Grade Math courses came at just the right time to rescue me from looking like a math idiot to my children. I made Olivia my 6th grader be the guinea pig for the 6th Grade math  program they offer.

Thinkwell homeschool is an online math program that offers classes for 6th-12th grade. The program is broken up into (6th Grade to Pre-Algebra including Essentials and Honors) and High School Math  (Algebra to Calculus including Essentials and Honors).

Thinkwell offers a complete program with videos, assessments, worksheets and additional resources. The lessons are designed to last for a full school year but students are able to work at their own place. They can move through the lessons faster or they can repeat as needed. Each video last between 5-10 minutes and has illustrations, synchronized artwork, key ideas, and definitions of important terms. Closed captioning is available for all videos as well as printable transcripts of the lesson.

What we Thought of Thinkwell

The Negatives:

At first glance of the program I wasn’t super impressed. I don’t think the interface of it is very eye catching. The font is small and it seemed confusing at first to navigate around. I wasn’t sure exactly where to start or what we should be doing. I may have missed it, but it would be great to have a get started video that walks you through the program. There is a quick start guide that is found in “Announcements” which I feel is a little obscure if your looking for help.

Thinkwell math

The Positives:

Having said all the negative things about it… We actually really like the program. The videos are engaging and complete. My daughter was working her normal math program along with this one and she felt like the same concepts were made much more clear and understandable in the Thinkwell program. She really likes Edward Burger (the guy in the video) She says he does an awesome job helping her understand the concepts. And in the end… that’s really all that matters.  In fact we plan on ditching or normal program and continuing on with this one.

I like that the time watching the videos are tracked so I know what has been watched and what hasn’t. This isn’t really a problem for this child of mine, but I have another that may or may not have pretended to watch videos in other programs and just skipped to the problems. Then wondered why they missed so many problems. {face palm}

Online Math

I also really liked that there are additional resources included.


This is how we used the program:

-Watched the videos

Math videos

-Completed the exercises

6th Grade Math

-If there was an accompanying worksheet completed it

homeschool math

Other Thoughts:

I actually almost chose not to do this review because when I had my daughter take the placement test she failed it miserably… as in,  she only got one problem correct. At that point I had to decide if it was the current math program or me that had failed her. Of course I pointed fingers… That’s what you would do right?

But I took a risk because I really felt we needed a change and I thought she was up to the challenge. I’m glad I did. She has been very successful with this program.


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Thinkwell homeschool math program


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