Summer Skill Builders Series

For 10 months of the year we school hard. Well okay,  we... get it done. But when March and April hit, I am ready to be done with it. I’m tired of keeping up with the books, the tests, the online classes, co-op classes, projects etc… – I’m really just plain tired. Hats off to you Year Round Homeschoolers…. when June hits…. I’m outta here.

I would like to believe that come September we will pick right back up where we left off… but the reality is, we won’t. There are certain subjects where they will need review and we will spend the first few weeks working backwards in order to move forward. And that’s OKAY.   I don’t sweat it.  You shouldn’t either.

BUT if you are one of those responsible homeschool parents that prefer your kids to begin school just as smart as  when they ended… I have these awesome Summer Skill builder activities that I intend on whipping out the first time one of my kids says “I’m bored.” They will keep your kiddos thinking and on their toes… they might not even care that they are doing “school.”

And if you are looking for more Summer Fun, You are going to want to check back here every day for the More Tips for Homeschool Moms 10 Day Series that me and a dozen other homeschool moms are collaborating on. 


Day 1: 

Day 2: 

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Day 4: 

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Day 6:  

Day 7: 

Day 8:

Day 9:

Day 10:

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